What is the Real Reason for Constipation

Discomfort, embarrassment and humiliation are the common emotions experienced by people who constantly suffer from constipation. But what is the real reason for constipation? Many suggest sedentary lifestyles while others conclude that it is due to lack of fibers in the diet. Whatever the reason might be there is no escaping the pain and discomfort of constipation. Constipation these days has become a commonly occurring phenomenon affecting at least 2% of the adult population. Constipation can have different definitions for different people.

Some people panic that they are constipated even if they miss just one bowel movement while others put up a brave face despite the discomfort and stress of missing more than three bowel movements in a week. Three bowel movements or less per week are considered to be constipated for the average adult.

Since defecation is the natural end to the whole process of digestion, the number of bowel movements experienced might vary slightly from person to person but you really should opt for a daily release to be considered normal. The bowel movements generally depend on a variety of factors like diet, lifestyle and stress levels.

There are many treatments available nowadays that claim to start treatment from the question, ‘what is the real reason behind constipation’ and hence are more effective. Treatments like holistic ways of treating constipation claim that they understand the psychology and personality of the individual suffering from constipation to understand the reasons that are causing the condition and then begin treatment. However fancy and effective these treatments might sound many of them are far from bringing relief to the suffering individual.

For starters, there is absolutely no evidence supporting the efficacy of treatments like holistic ways of treating constipation. Apart from this understanding the psychology and physiology of the suffering individual takes time. Psychology is a subject which is based on the correct perception of the state of mind.

Perception varies from individual to individual, hence the stress levels of the sufferer might seem to be on the higher side for one healer and to other it might seem normal. The difference in perception reduces the efficacy of the said treatment and causes more damage if the condition is not treated in time.

The treatments which are based on the principle of understanding the question ‘what is the real reason for constipation’ often take longer than desired to show results. For conditions like fecal impaction which is accompanied by rectal bleeding, vomiting and severe abdominal cramps, need immediate assistance to provide relief to the suffering individual these treatments are more than ineffective. Such individuals will definitely not have the time to sit through sessions of understanding the psyche and personality of the individual. 

People who have experienced constipation sparingly in their lifetime often cheerfully suggest using the common treatments available for constipation. Over the counter treatments for constipation include laxatives, enemas, caffeine, colon cleansers, etc. These treatments often claim that the products are herbal and natural especially colon cleansers but the truth is far removed from these lofty claims. Not only do these treatments cause side effects of their own but they also increase the tendency of constipation thus aggravating the already painful condition.

Many studies and reviews conducted over the years have also proved that like reasons of constipation vary from person to person the efficacy of the treatments also vary similarly. Hence medical bodies like the Society for General Medicine and American Cancer Society have spoken out against the claims of many manufacturers who say they have the most natural and effective treatment for constipation.

These medical bodies have also warned the general public from falling prey to many quacks claiming to have the elusive solution for constipation. Physicians, drug manufacturers and testing centers have made guinea pigs out of many unsuspecting individuals making their pain fill the bank accounts of drug companies and hospitals. Physicians will suggest a battery of expensive tests and then suggest some commonplace treatment like including more fibers in the diet and increased fluid intake which has little or no effect on the condition of constipation. 

Patients go back satisfied and hopeful that they will soon be relieved of constipation only to realize that the results do not show and the condition is worsening. So there comes another trip to the physician and this time the suggestion is use of laxatives or enemas. The damage caused by fibers of flatulence, indigestion and further constipation will now be relieved for some time till the symptoms of constipation appear again, this time with a new set of side effects like kidney problems and heart problems. 

By now you will be wondering which doctor to consult: heart specialist, kidney specialist or your family physician. What many do not realize that constipation is caused by a host of different problems not just one or two hence tackling the reasons and symptoms is what will provide lasting relief.

Probiotic drinks alone are definitely not the only answer to ending constipation. Over the last few years these drinks have become extremely popular as they claim to provide healthier insides and smooth skin, hair, etc. Probiotic drinks are nothing but living microorganisms that are administered for a therapeutic effect. These drinks are far from being useful especially for constipation. The living microorganisms of these drinks may disrupt the balance of the natural bacteria ecosystem in the colon and may cause the levels of harmful bacteria to rise. This causes indigestion and other stomach related infections and problems.

Frustrated with pain and discomfort many people spend hours and even days searching for cures on the internet, books and even medical journals only to be disappointed each and every time. A new treatment each time might take your hopes up only to bring it crashing down as soon as the constipation reappears in a matter of one or two days.
Abuse of any treatment leads to further constipation; this thought causes more stress aggravating the condition. Hence it is best to first evaluate your condition properly then understand the pros and cons of every treatment that you can use rather than blindly reaching out for solutions only to cause more damage.

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