Remedies For Constipation That Work

Constipation is a serious problem that can be not only quite distracting, but also a serious health concern. The condition occurs when you are unable to go to the bathroom. This can be because of a problem in your digestive tract where food is moving through it too slowly, but it can also be due to a problem where something is blocking your bowel movements from coming out.

Choosing A Natural Remedy For Constipation

It’s important that you remedy your constipation condition, and not just because of how uncomfortable it can be. Constipation can be a symptom of many other very serious health conditions.

And this doesn’t even take into account the many negative effects of constipation like the possibility of ending up with hemorrhoids, a very painful condition that can make it hard to literally do anything without feeling pain.

There are many remedies for constipation. The traditional remedies include laxatives that basically just flush your system completely of anything clogging it up. This can be unpleasant though, and laxative is not exactly terribly good for you. This is especially the case if you do it too much, as it can irritate and strain the bowel.

One of the main natural constipation remedies is anything with fiber in it. Blackberries have fiber, for example. There are many oat cereals that are designed to help by having a lot of fiber in them as well. These cereals can have as much as 15 to 20 grams of fiber in them. The larger you are, the more fiber you will need in your diet, in general. Larger men will need around 40 grams of fiber in order to stay healthy.

Constipation can occur when an individual doesn’t eat enough fiber on a regular basis. Fiber is the food the body uses to keep things moving through the digestive system. Without enough fiber, the digestive system can become blocked up or slowed down, which results in the inability to properly have a bowel movement.

Signs of constipation can occur as well such as if you’re bowel movements are too hard or if you have to strain to go to the bathroom at all. Hard bowel movements often indicate not enough fiber as well. This is a problem because if you have hard bowel movements, it can be pretty hard to get them passed, and it can hurt, which is no good.

Eating more fiber is simple and one of the natural constipation remedies. This is how your body naturally handles the problem, so it’s a good idea to go with remedies for constipation that are natural when you can. This will be less likely to give you problems down the road.

If you focus too much on unnatural remedies for constipation you could cause problems for the bowel in the long run. These remedies, like laxatives that aren’t natural, are something that you should really once use once or twice in an emergency. Over-reliance on them can cause serious troubles.

The important thing with fiber is to ramp it up slowly. If you go from barely eating any fiber at all, to suddenly eating 40 grams of it, that can cause constipation all by itself. This is because you put too much through the digestive system all at once. It’s meant to ease digestion and bowel movements, and too much at once can create sludge in the works like thick cement.

It’s a much better idea to add a few grams to your diet one day at a time, or as directed by your doctor and constipation will just drop off as long as lack of fiber was the cause.

Another natural remedy for constipation is any kind of fluid or water. This is one of the natural remedies for constipation that is pretty easy to come by to say the least. Just get clean drinking water you have access to in your house, or failing that, any public water tap that provides clean drinking water.

It’s important to get at least 8 cups of water every single day. Water is another one of those remedies that is part of the natural way your body disposes of waste. If you don’t drink enough water, constipation can occur or at least be made worse than it would be otherwise.

Not drinking enough water can also have other negative side effects like making you feel tired and dehydrated, which can make you less likely to take care of constipation in general since you may need to take serious steps to help fix the condition.

There are some natural herbs that can help with passing bowel movements as well. These include Aloe, senna, and Rhubarb. These laxatives should really not be used for longer than a week, since becoming dependant on them for a regular daily bowel movement can be a serious issue. For example, if natural laxatives are relied on too much, it can lead to problems like being unable to have a bowel movement without using the remedy.

Another recent remedy for dealing with constipation is to use probiotics. These are remedies that help stimulate the growth of positive bacteria in the stomach. The body relies on certain kinds of bacteria to help out with digestion. Stimulating and helping these bacteria out can go a long way to helping out your own digestion. This is especially true after you’ve taken some antibiotics for a different condition that can kill off a lot of bacteria that you need to help with constipation.

The problem with probiotics is that they can be expensive. They are also a relatively new approach, so it’s essential you consult with your doctor before you try to use this technique because it can take careful calibration as well as a good knowledge for how the bacteria function and so how to best facilitate digestion with their stimulation.

Exercise is another of the body’s natural ways of dealing with difficulties in processing food It’s important to gethalf an hour of exercise around 3 times a week. This can do wonders for moving things a long in your stomach as well. The body is used to being active; it is a fundamental way of how the body’s design functions. When you don’t move around enough, you can cause problems like constipation, where the digestive system lags behind because it’s used to getting help from exercise in order to work properly.

And of course, the absolute best approach is to combine eating enough fiber, drinking enough water, and exercising regular. This is less expensive than many other methods as well. It’s also the most natural combination that aids in healthy digestion and combating constipation issues that can be really distracting as far as trying to go about your daily business.

If none of these methods work to help out, than natural remedies may not be enough. This could indicate a serious condition, so it’s essential you seek out your doctor for help. This is especially true if you haven’t been able to go to the bathroom in a few days. This could mean that you are impacted, and are unable to get rid of toxins from your body that could cause you to become poisoned.

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