Nothing Will Cure Constipation

It can be quite uncomfortable when you need to empty your bowels when there is absolutely no bowel movement leaving you growingly uncomfortable and feeling bloated. When you try to defecate nothing happens or it hurts so much you reach out for the easiest solution available. Constipation occurs due to a variety of reasons from inadequate fibers in the diet, lack of exercise, abuse of laxatives, certain medications to sometimes even stress. For an average adult it is considered normal to have three bowel movements or more per week.

Hence no bowel movement for two days should not cause too much discomfort although it's never a good feeling. Rather it causes only mental stress and adds to the problem. Understanding constipation and the severity can not only reduce this stress but can also help find the best and quickest remedy for constipation. Normal constipation can be treated with several of the known home remedies while chronic constipation requires immediate medical attention. Chronic constipation is said to occur when there is less than one bowel movement per week and constipation is accompanied by bleeding and vomiting.
Laxatives are the easiest over-the-counter solutions available for constipation. Hence they tend to become a habit and can consequently damage your colon if not taken under the supervision of a physician. Laxatives are of different types for different period of usage. Some are psyllium based and others mineral-oil based. The mineral oil laxatives though soften the stool do not break down the stool which still requires stretching of the colon walls resulting in colorectal damage.

Laxatives are the popular choice while fixing constipation. Osmotic laxatives cause bloating and dehydration in many people. Some osmotic laxatives also cause kidney damage and heart disease. Stimulant laxatives contain senna a chemical which makes the muscles contract to expel stool. But this chemical causes damage to the nerves endings in the colon rendering the laxatives ineffective. Other side effects of this laxative include vomiting, irritation and prolonged stomach upsets.

Bulk forming laxatives might seem as an effective cure for constipation but the known side effects caused include bloating, intestinal blockage and skin itching along with rashes. Prolonged usage of laxatives render the colon walls unresponsive to any further treatment leading to a condition called cathartic colon. This increases the constipation going from severe to chronic rather than reducing it. Laxatives also interfere with the digestion process causing inefficient absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract leading to weakness and fatigue.

Advancements in medicine and technology have helped improve the treatments available for constipations but nothing will cure constipation permanently without side effects.

High fiber meals constituting nearly 6 ounces of grain products can help you naturally cure constipation. These grain products include cereals, corn, peas, lima beans, starchy vegetables, etc. But having a high fiber diet can have its own downsides which includes flatulence and abdominal cramps. The fibers produce gas inside the intestines leading to bloating and sometimes even diarrhea.

Physician and experts recommend switching to whole-grain from highly refined cereals. Whole grain products like brown rice and corn in the form of popcorn contain nearly 2.5 grams of fiber as compared to white rice and potato chips that contain only 0.6 grams of fiber. Such foods cause the fiber to interfere with the mineral absorption capabilities of the body. This leads to a decrease in the levels of sodium and potassium in body causing muscular and heart problems.

Honey and molasses are well known mild laxatives to ease the occasional constipation. But honey and molasses have a high calorie count and daily usage of either causes a calorie build up leading to fat accumulation and consequently other health problems.

Beans also high in fibers are generally not well received due to the gassiness they create but this can be corrected by cooking the beans properly. Garbanzo, lima, black and navy beans are fantastic sources of fiber along with legumes. Though beans are natural sources of fiber they are known to interfere with the medications taken for diabetes causing sudden drop in the blood sugar levels and often leading to hypoglycemia.

Beans are also known to increase the iodine levels and contain starch which causes heart related problems with prolonged use.

A hot cup of coffee is also known to relieve constipation but the side effects of coffee are many ranging from causing birth defects in pregnant women to creating complications in heart diseases. Coffee is also known to make individuals prone to hypertension. Since coffee has stimulating effects over dosage of coffee to relieve constipation can be detrimental in the case of individuals suffering from elevated blood pressure. Coffee increases heart beat and basal metabolic rate while causing irritation, ulcers, heart burn and nausea with prolonged use.

Biofeedback is fast emerging as a possible cure for constipation. Biofeedback teaches individuals to control their colon muscles for easier defecation but biofeedback is largely restricted to high net worth individuals as they come with a heavy price tag. Another limiting factor of biofeedback is that the effects are only temporary. Stop the exercises and you are back to being constipated.

Enemas are also administered to ease constipation. They might seem like a convenient quick fix but enemas come with a long list of side effects. Prolonged use of enema causes damage to the colon muscles and rectum walls. Enemas used for very long durations can lead to severe constipation and sometimes even fecal impaction. Improperly administered enema can cause severe pain, rashes and fainting.

Drinking lots of water is the common solution to constipation but this is usually ineffective if the constipation is acute or chronic.

Unfortunately nothing cures constipation without causing major side effects. People tend to reach out to the easily available treatments like laxatives, high fiber diets and fiber supplements. These treatments do help but for a very limited period of time. Prolonged usage of these treatments either renders them ineffective or causes other health problems apart from severe constipation. Hence rather than increasing your pain and problems it is best to use these treatments prudently and sparingly.

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