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Constipation is the result of impaired bowel movements. Hence constipation can have different meanings for different people. Although an average adult should experience daily bowel movements, there are many who panic even when they have missed one bowel movement; while others continue to suffer silently even after they have experienced less than one bowel movement per week. This condition where the individual experiences less than three bowel movement per week is known as chronic constipation.

Constipation is a condition which is never taken seriously by many and hence is often subjected to self treatments. Constipation is often self treated mainly because of the embarrassment and humiliation that it causes. Constipation is something which people are not comfortable to talk about irrespective of how painful the condition is. Many people continue to suffer silently for even years with chronic constipation and refuse to get any kind of help to relieve the condition.

What many do not realize is that chronic constipation if left untreated leads to fecal impaction; a condition in which the stool hardens in the rectum preventing further defecation. Once they realize that the condition has worsened they still refuse to seek help and instead reach out for the common over the counter solutions because they need immediate relief for constipation.

Laxatives are the most common treatments that suffering individuals use when they need immediate relief for constipation. Laxatives though seem like an easy solution, are far from being safe. There are many laxatives and manufacturers of laxatives who claim that their products are natural and hence can be safely used over long durations. Fact is contrary to these claims. Research and surveys conducted by many medical associations have found harmful side effects of prolonged usage of laxatives.

Abuse of laxatives is the most common cause of chronic constipation and fecal impaction. Apart from aggravating the condition, prolonged use of laxatives also causes diarrhea, dehydration, increased thirst, severe abdominal cramps, kidney problems and sometimes even severe depression

Enemas and colon cleansers are other solutions which people use when they need immediate relief for constipation. Enemas and colon cleansers provide relief within 15 minutes to an hour of application. Enemas particularly are considered extremely effective to relieve fecal impaction.

However, neither enemas nor colon cleansers should be used without supervision of a trained person. This means that every time you are constipated you have to run to your physician. Enemas and colon cleansers if not administered properly can rupture the colon walls leading to rectal bleeding.

Enemas and colon cleansers also contain harsh chemicals that cause an imbalance in the electrolyte levels in the body. They also decrease the potassium levels in the body and disturb the emission of sodium from the body. Colon cleansers particularly cause extreme damage to flora in the intestines. This flora is essential for digestion and in controlling the levels of harmful bacteria in the intestines. Prolonged usage of colon cleansers damages this flora causing indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems while making the body susceptible to infections.

Many suffering individuals who have sought medical help to relieve the painful condition of constipation have more often than not become guinea pigs in the hands of physicians. The physician will often suggest a variety of tests and then suggest something as commonplace as increasing the fiber and fluid intake.

These might seem like natural and safe treatments for constipation. But contrary to popular belief, fibers actually stimulate constipation than relieve it. Increased consumption of fibers increases the bulk formation in the intestines which is thought to help in easier defecation.

However, the increased bulk formation only increases the mucus secretion which again increases the tendency of constipation. Roughages work in a way very similar to fibers. Roughages while causing flatulence and indigestion also cause skin itching and rashes. Fibers and roughages can also cause severe abdominal cramps if you fail to consume the adequate amount of fluids.

Many people also suggest consuming a mixture of vegetable oils along with your salads. The popular belief is that the mixture of these natural oils will lubricate the stool particle and help in easier defecation. The method of working of these natural oils is thought to be very similar to emollient laxatives. The increased consumption of oils cause fat buildup in the arteries and veins which leads to a host of cardiovascular problems. Excess consumption of oils also increases the fat reserves in the body.

Emollient laxatives lubricate the stool particles to help in easier defecation. However emollient laxatives contain a substance known as Dulcolax which is extremely addictive. Hence for a natural and safer option many people use the mixture of vegetable oils without realizing that these oils also have their side effects.

Laxatives are also usually lactose based and hence cannot be used by people who are lactose intolerant. Over dosage or prolonged usage of laxatives in lactose intolerant individuals causes diarrhea, dehydration and other allergic reactions like swelling, headaches, bloating and nausea or vomiting. These laxatives also increase the levels of bacteria in the intestines due to fermentation.

Many physicians also promise that surgery will be a permanent fix for the painful condition of constipation. Many suffering individuals are also fooled into thinking so but the fact is opposite to the claims.Surgery involves removing most of the colon and attaching the remaining rectum to the small intestines. Might sound like a shorter passage for the stool particles hence easier defecation? But not so! If you are constipated, post surgery, you simply cannot apply pressure for defecation causing you to reach out to the common over the counter solutions only to worsen the condition rather than relieve it.

Constipation today has become a commonly occurring phenomenon due to stressful lifestyles which are becoming increasingly erratic and unhealthy. The myths and misunderstandings surrounding constipation also contribute to the aggravation of the condition. Lack of timely treatment worsens a simple condition. Hence it is best to understand the causes, symptoms and treatments available for constipation before creating a recurring pattern of relief and pain.

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