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Impaired bowel movement is the main reason for constipation. Constipation, medically known as costiveness is said to be acute when there is less than the normal three bowel movements per week and chronic constipation is when there is less than one bowel movement per week. Both acute and chronic constipation requires immediate medical attention when the condition of constipation is accompanied by bleeding, vomiting or nausea and severe abdominal cramps.

Chronic constipation often leads to fecal impaction which is an extremely painful condition hindering regular activities like walking and sitting. Fecal impaction occurs when the stool hardens in the rectum preventing further passage of stool.

Chronic constipation causes not only physical pain but also mental trauma which aggravates the condition. Constipation is usually contributed to a low fiber diet and sedentary lifestyles. Constipation is a condition that is often neglected or ignored and subjected to self treatments which aggravates the condition. Natural fix for constipation over the counter are many but have their side effects.

Fibers are the most common natural fix for constipation. You might run to your nearest physician when you are suffering from chronic constipation only to be suggested to take a lot of medical tests. Once the test results come the physician usually suggests something as commonplace as increased fiber consumption. The human body needs about 10-15 grams of fibers daily to keep the intestines healthy and the stool particles moving. Roughages also help keep the intestines healthy by causing bulk formation.

However too much bulk formation caused by the fibers and roughages can cause more harm than damage to your body. Physicians usually suggest ingesting about 40-50 grams of fiber daily to prevent or treat constipation. The bulk formed due to the consumption of additional fibers causes increased secretion of mucus from the intestines whichincreases the tendency of constipation. This brings you back to square one where you are again frustrated with constipation.

The more serious side effects of fibers include intestinal blockage among the minor ones of skin itching, rashes and flatulence. Similarly consumption of roughages like sesame and flax seeds can also cause gassiness and skin itching. The bulk formation that’s leads to mucus secretion hampers the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract resulting in weakness and fatigue.

Another popular natural fix for constipation is including vegetables oils in your salad. The effect of mixing various vegetable oils in your salad is thought to have the same effect as emollient laxatives which lubricate the stool particles to help in easier defecation. These vegetable oils might be natural but come with side effects. Increased consumption of vegetable oils increases the cholesterol levels and cause fat buildup in your veins and arteries. This fat buildup leads to a variety of heart problems.

Honey and molasses are other popular natural fixes for constipation. Honey and molasses both contain natural sugars like fructose which cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Hence use of honey and molasses to treat even occasional constipation in diabetics is not recommended. People who wish to keep their calorie intake and weight in check should also avoid prolonged usage of honey and molasses. Honey and molasses are known to increase fat reserves in the body considerably.

Tea and coffee are other known natural fixes for constipation. Tea is also believed to help in weight control hence is popularly used to treat constipation and lose weight. However both tea and coffee are basically caffeine which cause causes more harm than relief.A significant increase consumption of tea or coffee might help produce bowel movements but over time may cause painful stomach ulcers. The bitter tasting components of caffeine increase the heart beat and basal metabolic rate of the body thus may cause elevated blood pressure levels, heart burn and nausea.

Drinking lots of fluids is a also common suggestion by many to relieve constipation. However an independent study conducted by the University of California has proved that people who drink more than the required 4 liters of water are equally susceptible to being constipated as those people who drink less than the required amount.

Another popular natural fix for constipation is exercises ranging from yoga to biofeedback. Over the years the popularity of these exercises has increased considerably causing their classes to become extremely expensive. However the same study by the University of California found that the effect of these exercises is limited and is effective only on people suffering from idiopathic constipation. These exercises teach the individual to perform certain movements that massage the colon walls. These techniques might be ineffective and also if not done under supervision of a trained person can result in muscle cramps or tendon and ligament injuries.

Natural colon cleansers are the latest popular treatments for constipation. These colon cleansers claim that they are effective even to treat fecal impaction. However the American Cancer Society and other medical associations have spoken out against the efficacy of the said natural colon cleansers. The medical associations have urged the general public to stay wary from the misleading advertisements of the manufacturers of colon cleansers.

Research has found that the harsh chemicals used by the colon cleansing process damages the rectum walls and also causes electrolyte imbalance in the body. The harsh chemicals also cause considerable damage to the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. The chemicals often kill the good bacteria thus subsequently increasing the levels of harmful bacteria. This makes the colon and the human body susceptible to various infections.

Beans are also very popular to naturally fix constipation. Beans contain rich sources of fiber but on the contrary beans cause flatulence and breathing trouble in asthma patients. Beans also interfere with the diabetes medications causing spikes in blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar levels decrease it results in hypoglycemia which can cause brain damage and muscular damage.
Constipation is growing in occurrence every day. Today nearly 2% of the adult population suffers from constipation hence it is better to understand the symptoms, causes and treatments of constipation before you reach out to the common solutions and aggravate your problems rather than relieving constipation.

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