Natural Cure for Chronic Constipation

Constipation occurs when there is impaired bowel movement. Constipation can range from being acute to chronic. An average adult experiences three or more bowel movements per day or per week. The constipation is said to be acute when the bowel movements occur less than three times a week and chronic when the bowel movements occur less than once a week and is accompanied with severe pain, bleeding and vomiting. Chronic constipation is also known as fecal impaction, occurring when the stool hardens in the rectum preventing any defecation.

Chronic constipation over long periods can not only cause physical pain but can also cause mental stress thus aggravating the condition. Constipation often occurs due to sedentary lifestyles and low fiber diets. Constipation is aggravated to chronic constipation when it is ignored in the initial stages and with subsequent lack of proper, timely treatment. Though chronic constipation can be treated it is best to start early and avoid it.

Fibers are the most common natural cures for chronic constipation. Physicians advise patients suffering from chronic constipation to bulk up on the fiber content in their diet. A fair daily dosage of fiber can prevent constipation. Similarly roughages are also essential for treating chronic constipation naturally. The all important roughages are provided from the intake of flax or sesame seeds. Half ounce of either of these seeds is a natural cure for chronic constipation.

Fibers help in easing out constipation but too much of fibers can prove to be detrimental to your health. Increased intake of fibers in extreme cases causes intestinal blockage along with skin itching and rashes.  Similarly intake of flax and sesame seeds which provide roughages leads to flatulence and impaired gastrointestinal functions. Roughages not only cause indigestion they also interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract causing weakness and fatigue.

Another natural cure for chronic constipation includes adding a mixture of oils as salad dressing to your salads. The salads are rich in fiber and the oils help by lubricating the stool particles in the intestine which result in easier and painless defecation. Vegetable oils are said to be the natural alternative to laxatives and enemas. They might be natural but definitely not safe for prolonged usage.Increased intake of oils can cause increases in your cholesterol levels and build up fat in arteries and veins. Such conditions if left untreated can lead to heart related problems.

Honey and molasses are other known natural laxatives and provide an effective natural cure for chronic constipation. A tablespoon of honey mixed with warm water every morning ensures bowel movements. Molasses on the other hand taken every night before bedtime can ensure bowel movement the next morning.

Honey and molasses though used to treat constipation have side effects of their own. Both honey and molasses have high sugar content and increased intake can cause increases in your blood sugar level apart from increasing your calorie intake. This increases the fat reserves in your body adding to your weight and also increasing your risk of diabetes.

A hot cup of coffee also helps relieve chronic constipation. The bitter tasting components of the coffee serve as a natural cure for chronic constipation. The bitter tasting components also add to the blood pressure levels. Coffee increases the heart rate and basal metabolic rate while causing stomach ulcers, rashes, heart burn and nausea with prolonged use.

Chronic constipation occurs when the stool in the intestines or colon dries up and hardens causing painful defecation. Drinking lots of fluid to cure constipation is suggested by many but a recent physician review (Muller-Lissner) showed that drinking lots of fluid has no effect on constipation. Though dehydration causes constipation, drinking lots of water or other fluids does not solve the problem of constipation.

Another most popular myth regarding constipation is that exercises help relieve constipation. A controlled study conducted by the University of California, Irvine has proved that exercises have little or no impact on constipation. The exercises have limited effect on a limited number of people suffering from idiopathic constipation and remain largely ineffective on majority of the population suffering from chronic constipation.

Biofeedback is another fast emerging type of exercise that promises to help relieve constipation. Biofeedback works by teaching individuals to control their colon muscles and consequently result in easier defecation. For the improvements it promises, biofeedback is not supported by any evidence and is restricted to high net worth individuals. Biofeedback classes come with a huge price tag and hence are out of reach for most of the population suffering from constipation.

There have also been advertisements about colon cleansing to ease the problem of constipation. Many claim that they can naturally cleanse your colon and permanently cure constipation but there is no evidence to support such claims. The American Cancer Society along with other medical associations has spoken out against the manufacturers of colon cleansers and the efficacy of such ‘natural’ colon cleansers.

Natural laxatives like psyllium husks are extremely popular for fixing constipation. Since psyllium husks are natural they can be used over a longer duration. But psyllium husks like all fibers cause indigestion when taken with food. Psyllium husks are known to cause flatulence and acidity with prolonged usage. Apart from minor digestive problems prolonged usage of psyllium husks causes diarrhea and improper absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

Beans are also popular with many for their high fiber content. Hence many prefer adding beans such as garbanzo, lima and navy beans to their diet. But beans not only causes gassiness, they may also interfere with the medications prescribed for diabetes causing sudden drops in blood sugar levels leading to hypoglycemia. This condition is left untreated results in muscular damage and in extreme cases cause brain damage. Beans also increase the iodine levels and cause heart related problems.

Constipation over the years has become a growing occurrence due to increasingly stressed lifestyles, erratic schedules and the onslaught of fast food. Though easy fixes for constipation are readily available it only creates an alternating constipation and relief pattern leaving the suffering individual fed up with constipation.

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