Instant Relief for Constipation and Bloating

Instant relief for constipation and bloating is possible, but you have got to know where to look. The point is that you must not needlessly endure the pain of constipation and bloating any longer with the instant relief that is available for you. However, it is understandable that some people put off getting the necessary help that they need for their constipation and bloating problem, seeing as how mortifying this condition is in our society.

Constipation generally begins as just a tiny problem, but then quickly balloons into something worse. This could be that you fail to have a bowel movement in a couple of days, and you have a hard time having a bowel movement whether at home or on the road. The worst is when you do have to go, and then you end up feeling like you are passing something like a solid brick! Constipation can also involve straining and sitting on the toilet for a really long time, and when the stool finally does get expelled, it is usually in the form of a hard “marble.”

Constipation and bloating are really two symptoms of other types of issues, such as a lack of exercise, dietary dilemmas or dehydration. If your constipation is the chronic kind, then it can even cause your abdomen to begin bloating; this is also applicable to the acute kind of constipation, which is identifiable by the fact that it produces just less than one stool in a week.

Instant relief for constipation and bloating is understandably desired by sufferers because they have to endure cramping as well as pain in their abdomen and rectum. In addition, there might even be streaks of blood that are visible in their stool. Again, having constipation is no laughing matter. To obtain instant relief for constipation and bloating, all a person usually has to do is simply adjust his or her schedule and daily activities a little bit. However, those people with either chronic or severe constipation should directly go and get medical help as soon as they can.

You have to understand that the natural solutions are oftentimes always the best because there is no chance of subjecting yourself to any nasty side effects from pharmaceutical drugs. On top of that, as an additional bonus, all-natural cures for constipation are usually a lot cheaper than anything produced by the pharmaceutical world. Keeping these things in your mind, read on to discover what you can do to get instant relief from constipation.

1. Prunes are one way to get instant relief for constipation and bloating. The reason for this is that prunes are known to feature a high degree of potassium; this high degree of potassium is known to stimulate one’s colon lining so that a person can have bowel movements with less obstruction and therefore finally get some relief.

However, if prunes are not appetizing to you, it is not the end of your instant constipation relief! You can simply substitute other fruits or vegetables for the prunes that you dislike. For example, you can eat more of fruits and vegetables like broccoli, pineapple, bananas, cucumbers, cauliflower and tomatoes.

2. Fiber can also help you get some instant relief for constipation and bloating. Fiber is good for creating what is known as bulk, which allows you to have an easier time with a bowel movement.

To make certain that you are indeed consuming a lot more fiber in your diet, be certain that you include foods such as whole-grain breads as well as cereals in your food choices. Foods such as these just add more bulk to your defecation so that you can move it through your intestinal tract with less stress, pain and irritation.

3. Herbal remedies are worth looking into if you really want to get some instant relief for constipation and bloating. The good thing about herbal remedies is how they are all-natural, meaning that you will not run into the same nasty side effects as pharmaceutical drugs are known to produce!

You can head on over to health stores and pick up herbs like aloe, frangula and even senna. All of these 3 herbs have had a track record of producing noteworthy results in handling both constipation as well as bloating. In addition, if you are searching for substances that possess laxative qualities—which is actually a good idea if you are enduring constipation and accompanying boating—then, you should look at buying rhubarb as well as flaxseed.

Finally, something called Smooth Move tea is regarded as a herbal tea that assists in stimulating the movement of your bowels in addition to helping you get relief for both bloating as well as gas.

4. Instant relief for constipation and bloating is also based a whole lot on getting warmth to your body. Lots of people overlook this simple and plain fact, yet a lot of folks just fail to connect constipation relief with something as easy and cost-free as doing more exercise!

Exercise has a reputation for bringing greater amounts of blood flow to your muscles. In addition, it also has a reputation for, therefore, warming up your body. This warmth along with exercise may actually stimulate the muscles in your abdomen so that you can have easier bowel movements. In order to stop your cramping pains, you might even utilize a warm compress.

Even something as straightforward as a warm bath is going to positively help your constipation and bloating troubles. A lot of people swear that taking a warm bath actually relaxes their rectal muscles to the point that they experience easier bowel movements thereafter. You may even include some baking soda in your warm bath to increase its effectiveness.

Based on the above information, you can tell that getting some instant relief for constipation and bloating is not as hard as it may have first appeared to you. Getting a new perspective on a health issue with sound advice can oftentimes make the situation appear a lot less threatening, which is the case even with something as mortifying as constipation and bloating.

The one thing that you have to remember is that all of the aforementioned solutions to constipation are based on natural approaches. This means no drugs of any kind need to be used to help you out in getting relief from your constipation. All you need are common sense approaches like getting more potassium and fiber into your diet. If that does not help, you can always move to all-natural herbal remedies and exercise to help you out. Even warm baths help. Trying out these approaches first is preferable over medication.

Natural and Instant Relief For Constipation and Bloating


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