How To Treat Constipation Without Being Embarrassed?

So do you want to know how to treat constipation without being embarrassed? It is understandable that you want to know how to accomplish this; after all, constipation is already bad enough without having to be embarrassed by it, too!

A lot of people generally think—and with good reason—that constipation is gross, which is why this is such a touchy subject. Fortunately, though, constipation is not that difficult of a problem to treat, and, as such, there are both natural as well as commercial ways that you can get a handle on constipation and not get embarrassed by it.

1. When you have constipation, liquid is your best friend. Though you may not have thought about drinking liquid that much before—and maybe have even skipped your requisite recommendation of 8 glasses per day!—drinking liquid is highly important when you want to know how to treat constipation without being embarrassed. Here is the practical reason why you ought to start drinking or resume drinking those 8 glasses a day:

When your intestines are insufficiently hydrated, your stool may just become hard and also dry. This makes it difficult to have a bowel movement, and that is where constipation starts. By drinking more water, you are not letting on at all about your constipation dilemma, which is why this is such an ideal solution to treating constipation minus the embarrassment.

2. More fiber! This is something that one of your parents probably told you a lot as you were growing up—and with good reason. The purpose of fiber is that it adds much-required bulk to your intestines.This fiber and the ensuing bulk then work to make your stool more well-formed, which leads to you being able to have more comfortable bowel movements. To get more fiber into your diet, be certain to add some additional foods or supplements to said diet.

For example, you can easily add some servings of whole grain (lots of fiber there), fruits (prune juice or just prunes) or vegetables to each meal that you have in a day. If you cannot get your recommended, daily dose of fiber through meals, then opt for an easy supplement instead. Again, eating more fiber in your diet is a surefire way of how to treat constipation without being embarrassed. After all, no one is going to really be able to tell that you are including more fiber in your diet, and even if they somehow even are able to tell, it won’t be immediately obvious that the added fiber is to address constipation.

3. You have already been advised to drink more water—up to 8 glasses each and every day—but now, you are being advised to drink a little bit more of hot beverages. This means that you should try drinking more hot tea or even just hot water. Confused? Don’t be.

The thing is that beverages with a hot temperature have been shown to stimulate people’s bowels. This is particularly true of hot beverages that contain caffeine, which is why you are advised to include hot tea in your hot beverages list. Here, too, no one will be able to tell that your sudden increase in drinking hot beverages is because you need help with constipation. Just tell people that you are cold and are in need of something to warm you up!

4. Check your meds! Sometimes, constipation can actually be a side effect of some medications that you are on. In particular, constipation, if it is caused by medication, can be caused by either over-the-counter drugs as well as some prescription drugs. Prescription drugs that are especially prone to causing constipation are pain relievers that have narcotics in them.

Constipation can also be caused by some supplements that have iron in them. As with the aforementioned ways that you can address constipation without embarrassment, this way allows you access to how to treat constipation without embarrassment. After all, simply stopping your medications is a discreet way of dealing with your constipation, if you have narrowed the problem down to those medications.

5. Believe it or not, regularly exercising can be a way to address your constipation issues. When you exercise regularly and, thus, routinely use the muscles of your abdomen, digestion is enhanced. It follows then that the contraction and the subsequent relaxation of your abdominal muscles allows your intestines to more efficiently move your stools through your digestive tract. The types of exercise that are really helpful to this purpose are aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, tennis and jogging.

From all that you have read here, you can tell that it is possible to treat constipation without embarrassment. How to treat constipation without embarrassment is largely up to how you decide to address your constipation dilemma. For example, if you go to your doctor and tell him about it, asking for a prescription or some advice on how to deal with it, then it can obviously get embarrassing because you are letting another person in on your problem. However, these days, because of the prevalence of the Internet’s information, you should be able to find a lot of information freely floating around on how to deal with constipation.

Constipation can be easily treated without prescription drugs and by usually adjusting some aspect of your lifestyle a little bit. For instance, if you are not getting enough fiber into your diet, then that clearly needs to be adjusted so that you get more bulk into your system and help your stool become more easy to manage. Or you may just have to do something as simple as getting more liquids into your system.

Now, this can be simply increasing the number of glasses of water that you drink every day, or it can be something more specific like getting more hot beverages into your system. Any way you look at it, constipation is a situation that you can treat in a way that is discreet and does not draw attention to your problem.

This above list is important for two reasons. First, it lets people handle their constipation problem in a discreet way that does not bring them embarrassment. This is important to many people who have to deal with constipation because it is an issue that is very sensitive, on account of the fact that it’s viewed as gross. Secondly, the above list also gives people real, natural remedies that they can use to tackle their constipation in an efficient way. Basically, people need to know that they can cure constipation on their own.

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