How to relieve severe constipation easily

The question ‘How to relieve severe constipation easily’ is plaguing many people and frustrated countless because of lack of effective treatments. Constipation has now become the most common digestive complaint of the adult population. On average, an adult should experience daily bowel movements, any number less than that is considered to be the condition of constipation. Constipation is a condition in which an individual experiences painful defecation. The condition of painful defecation if accompanied by bleeding, vomiting and severe abdominal pains requires immediate medical attention.

Constipation is causing embarrassment and humiliation to many adults. Imagine the embarrassment faced when you are sitting in office flushed in pain while your colleagues can guess the cause of your pain. You also might have to excuse yourself a number of times to run to the restroom only to come out in increased pain. Constipation has also become a regular occurrence in children due to sedentary lifestyles and the onslaught of fast foods.

Fast food is processed and refined foods which blocks the passage in the intestines leading to constipation. Although constipation is not a serious condition it is often neglected which causes severe constipation. The painful question of ‘how to relieve severe constipation easily’ however cannot be answered with the usual answer of including more fibers in your diet. Increased fiber intake and increased fluid intake are the common suggestions by physicians to relieve severe constipation. Some physicians also suggest the use of laxatives and enemas which actually cause more constipation than relieving the condition.

There are usually multiple reasons for constipation like drug abuse, laxative abuse, thyroid, diabetes, lifestyle etc. But many suggest the same treatments to the problem of how to relieve severe constipation easily such as fiber and fluids. What many do not realize is that to treat constipation effectively one must understand the reasons first and then alter the treatment which usually varies from person to person.

Many people have strongly founded beliefs regarding the functions of their colon. Their biggest myth is that constipation causes toxins buildup in their bodies. Hence they often resort to damaging treatments like colon cleansing. Colon cleansers work by detoxifying your colon which might sound nice and easy but it can be painful and comes with its own set of side effects. The speed of detoxification determines the side effects your body will have to endure. The faster the process the more the side effect is caused. People have reported headaches, skin itching and severe depression as side effects of colon cleansers.

Marketing gimmicks of colon cleansing claim that their products are natural and safe for long term usage to relieve severe constipation but the American Cancer Society in partnership with General Medical Society and other medical bodies have spoken out against the claims of these colon cleansers’ manufacturers. The medical bodies have urged the general public to stay wary of the marketing campaigns since there is no evidence to support the efficacy of the products.

Fiber intake is the usual suggestion to relieve severe constipation. Fibers work to relieve constipation by forming bulk in the intestines to aid defecation. However an independent study conducted by the University of California found that people with more than 30 grams of fiber intake per day were found to be equally susceptible to constipation as others who had less intake of fibers.

Fiber supplements might be useful in limited number of patients to relieve occasional constipation but with prolonged usage it causes flatulence, skin itching and rashes. Severe side effects of fiber intake include intestinal blockage and a variety of gastrointestinal problems. 
Similarly increased fluid intake is also suggested to relieve severe constipation. The same study conducted by the University of California found that fluid intake has no effect on the condition of constipation.Increased fluid intake only increases the pressure on the kidneys making them work over time.

Severe constipation is when there is less than one bowel movement per week. Severe constipation, if not treated on time leads to fecal impaction in which the stool hardens in the rectum preventing further defecation. Fecal impaction is often treated with laxatives or enemas. These treatments provide relief within 15 minutes to an hour of ingestion or application. But these over the counter solutions cause more damage than relief.

Abuse of laxatives is the most common cause of constipation. Laxatives work by irritating the bowels to expel their contents thus resulting in defecation. These laxatives do nothing to break down the stool particles and hence defecation of these hardened but lubricated stools can still cause damage to the colon walls by tearing them and causing rectal bleeding. Saline laxatives and emollient laxatives stimulate the colon walls, the chemicals that cause this stimulation often damage the flora of the intestines that leads to indigestion and increased levels of harmful bacteria in the intestines.

Prolonged use of laxatives hence cause electrolyte imbalance and subsequently damage the kidneys. Laxatives cause increased thirst, dehydration and diarrhea. Enemas work in a way very similar to laxatives. Enemas also irritate the colon walls to expel their contents. Enemas however need to be administered by physicians and can be costly. If the enema is not administered properly it can damage the colon walls. Prolonged usage of enemas hence causes rectal bleeding. This means that every time you are constipated you need to run to your physician.

Probiotic drinks over the last few years have become popular treatments to relieve severe constipation. Probiotic drinks are nothing but live microorganisms that are supposed to benefit the human body. However popular this treatment might be it may cause more damage than necessary. Like laxatives and enemas, the microorganisms of Probiotic drinks can also damage the flora of the intestines resulting in indigestion and other gastrointestinal problems.

Constipation, though a common condition is often aggravated due to the myths and misunderstanding surrounding it. These myths and misunderstandings also prevent effective and timely treatment.Constipation now affects nearly 20% of the adult population. Hence the causes and symptoms of the condition of constipation must be understood first and then it should be treated rather than suffering due to the harmful side effects of the common treatments.

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