How to Cure Constipation Fast

Constipation has become the most common digestive complaint of many individuals. Constipation on an average affects about 2% of the adult population. However with the way constipation is neglected and treatment is often sought when it has aggravated beyond comfort, constipation is occurring in practically alarming rates. Many individuals think that constipation is not a serious issue and hence will pass with time, others are embarrassed to discuss about the issue and hence tend to neglect it. Neglecting constipation simply worsens the condition and leads to not only physical discomfort but also mental stress.

There are numerous myths surrounding constipation. Medically known as costiveness many individuals think that constipation leads to the buildup of toxins in the body. Though defecation is the natural end to the digestive process in the body, constipation definitely does not add to the toxins in the body, hence it is time you reduce your mental stress regarding constipation. Constipation left untreated leads to chronic constipation and fecal impaction. Both the conditions cause severe abdominal cramps, vomiting, and headaches; if pressure is applied during defecation it causes rectal bleeding.

Constipation often hinders our daily activities. Work related stress is often increased because of constipation. The constant running to the bathroom and coming out all sweaty and flushed due to the pain and discomfort causes more humiliation than most people can bear. There are many individuals who even take off from work due to constipation and to avoid the embarrassment of the other employees getting to know about their condition. Embarrassment combined with stress makes them obsessively search for the answer to their most painful question, ‘how to cure constipation fast’.

The most common and easily available answer to ‘how to cure constipation fast’ is laxatives and enemas. Both laxatives and enemas provide relief between 15 minutes and an hour of ingestion or application. This might sound like good news for many but stay cautious because abuse of laxatives and enemas are ranked as the topmost reasons for constipation. Many laxatives and enemas claim that they can be used over long periods of time without side effects but there is absolutely no evidence to support this fact.

On the contrary many studies and surveys have found the dangerous side effects of the prolonged usage of laxatives and enemas. Laxatives contain mineral oils which help in lubricating the stool particles to allow easier defecation but what many people do not realize is that the laxatives do nothing to break down the stool particles. Lubricated but hard stool particles will still cause painful defecation and will rupture the colon walls if too much pressure is applied leading to rectal bleeding. The mineral oils contained in the laxatives may also contribute to causing further constipation.

Saline laxatives are also extremely popular over the counter answers to ‘how to cure constipation fast’. The saline laxatives might cause relief fast but their side effects are also equally fast to show. Saline laxatives work by irritating the bowels and causing the bowel to expel the contents. The saline laxatives actually cause damage to intestinal flora and cause the digestive tract to produce more mucus than normal which causes further constipation. The intestinal flora is essential to keep the intestines healthy and they also help in the digestion process.

Absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract is impaired due to the damaged intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is also essential to maintain beneficial levels of harmful and good bacteria in the digestive tract. If the flora is damaged, then the levels of harmful bacteria increase, thus increasing the chance of contracting infections.

Ducosate is the most common compound found in most laxatives. Ducosate is basically a stool softener and laxatives containing this compound are known as emollient laxatives. These laxatives work by retaining water in the colon and mixing it with the stool particles to soften them for easier defecation. Sounds good? But the fact is that these laxatives are extremely addictive and cause frequent urination which not only leads to dehydration but also electrolyte imbalance in the body which causes further problems like heart diseases and muscular cramps.

Enemas work equally fast and are said to be the most effective treatments for chronic constipation and fecal impaction. But prolonged usage of enemas causes damage to the colon walls. Also occasional use of enemas can cause damage to the colon walls if the enema is not administered properly. This means you have to run every time to your physician if you want to use enema to treat constipation.

Colon cleansers are also fast catching up as treatments that cure constipation fast. Many colon cleansing manufacturers also claim that their products are natural. But the American Cancer Society and several other medical bodies have come out against the effectiveness of the said colon cleansers. There is no evidence to support the fact that these colon cleansers are natural and effective in permanently curing constipation.

Colon cleansing works by detoxifying the colon. The speed at which the detoxification occurs causes side effects. Faster the detoxification more is the damage caused. Fast detoxification causes headaches, nausea and abdominal cramps. Colon cleansing was also found to cause severe depression in individuals who regularly used this treatment to cure constipation. Fatigue, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, bad breath, indigestion and excessive thirst are other common side effects of colon cleansers.

Some people are so fed up with constipation that they resort to surgery to treat constipation fast and permanently. Most of the colon is removed in the surgical process and the remaining rectum is attached directly to the small intestines. Your worries might not be over. If you experience constipation again after surgery you simply cannot exert any pressure for defecation and thus causing you to reach out to laxatives, enemas and colon cleansers all over again.

The common treatments of constipation provide no long term relief from constipation only lead to relief-pain-relief-pain cycle which worsens with time. With no evidence supporting the effectiveness of popular treatments for constipation like colon cleansing it is best to avoid them rather than increasing your already painful condition and mental stress.

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