Horrible Constipation Relief

If you suffer from horrible constipation, it is clearly no laughing matter. In fact, horrible constipation relief is something that you desperately want, yet you may not know precisely how to go about it. Sure, you can always go to your doctor about it, but that in and of itself presents you with some troubles right off the bat. First of all, you have to ask yourself if you are ready to tell another person about what many would consider a highly mortifying problem. Even if it is your doctor, having constipation is a very sensitive issue, especially if it is a horrible case of constipation.

So if you decide not to go to your doctor due to the high degree of mortification that you think you may have to face, you have to contend with handling the medical condition on your own. So what else can you do? If you want to use something to help you out with your case of horrible constipation, you can always go to the pharmacy and purchase any number of over-the-counter treatments for which you do not need a prescription, in the hopes that you can find something helpful. However, you may also feel mortified enough that you do not want to face anyone as you have to pay for your constipation-relief product.

In this scenario, your back is up against the wall. If you want to handle your horrible constipation more discreetly, you will have to try all-natural remedies that you can do on your own and without having to really tell anyone about. As a result, your constipation should remain confidential, and you will also get your all-important horrible constipation relief.

Things to do for Horrible Constipation Relief

1. Bad constipation is easy to treat and address through natural remedies. Some of them are so simple and straightforward that you will be surprised that either you have not thought of them yourself or that these cures are really legitimate. In any case, though, the first approach you can take with a severe case of constipation is just to start drinking more liquids, and not just any liquids, but, specifically, more water. You may be familiar with the traditional recommendation to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day. In the case of constipation, if it is really bad, you may want to exceed this limit for each day until your constipation starts to improve.

The reason that drinking more water is recommended as a form of horrible constipation relief is because dehydration occurs frequently in people who have constipation. What happens is that your body actually absorbs the moisture from any stool that is still left over in your intestine. When this occurs, the kind of stool that you will be defecating is going to be difficult to pass, hard to move and quite hard. If you want to switch things up a little bit and are sick and tired of drinking nothing but water, you can always substitute a little bit of clear soup or even vegetable and fruit juices that are unsweetened.

2. Another way that you can achieve efficient constipation relief from really bad constipation is through more exercise! While this piece of advice might sound counterintuitive or even downright counterproductive, the science behind it backs it up soundly. You see, when you exercise, even if performing more exercise is something that might not be on your mind when you are struggling with a big bout of constipation, you are actually making sure that you move more food through your colon at a faster rate. When this movement of food through your colon at a faster rate happens, you are ensuring that fewer amounts of water are absorbed by your body from your stool. As a result, your excrement will get a definite and immediate impact, which is that it will be softer and therefore a lot easier to pass.

Now, if exercise is something that already does not appeal to you as it is, that may be a huge dilemma because you are depriving yourself from something that can really do a world of good for you as it relates to constipation. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to do more exercise, then make sure that you start off slowly and with small amounts of exercise. For example, even something as little as walking only half an hour each and every day can do you a lot of good when it comes to horrible constipation relief. If something like half an hour of walking per day still sounds too unappealing, you can even break this up into something like two 15-minute blocks per day or even 3 10-minute blocks per day.

3. Fiber is a big reason behind why you have constipation. More specifically, not having enough fiber in your diet can be a big reason for why you have constipation. Fiber, both insoluble fiber as well as soluble fiber, has been shown to be instrumental when it comes to helping your constipation. Fiber is the part of food that you eat that cannot be digested by your digestive system. Some of the only sources of fiber are things like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and plant sources. Fiber is known to make it easier for people to have easy bowel movements because it makes it easier to pass stool in the first place. Fiber can either slow down the rate of digestion of food so that its nutrients can be absorbed by your body more efficiently or provide greater amounts of bulk to your stool. This, again, makes it easier for you to have a bowel movement.

After all of these tips, you should be pretty familiar with what to do when it comes to horrible constipation relief. The best part about helping your constipation is that it is easy to do and can be done with all-natural remedies that are so simple you will wonder why you have not thought of some of them yourself.

Relief from constipation is all about making sure that your body has what it needs to pass stool that is soft and easy. In constipation, people have to endure stool that is painful to pass, so it is obvious that remedies center on making said stool softer. Two great ways of making it softer center around drinking more liquids like water and taking in a lot more fiber in your diet. Another way of curing your constipation centers around making the food pass through your system more quickly, which can be achieved by way of exercising each and every day.

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