Holistic Way to Cure Constipation Forever

Impaired bowel movement is often the root cause of constipation. Severity of constipation varies from acute constipation to chronic constipation. On an average an adult should experience three or more bowel movements per week. When less than three bowel movements occur per week the condition is called acute constipation and chronic constipation occurs when there is less than one bowel movement per week. Constipation is often taken very lightly as a minor passing phase. But contrary to this popular belief constipation if left untreated can worsen.

Worsening of chronic constipation leads to a condition known as fecal impaction in which the stool hardens in the colon thus preventing any further defecation. Constipation not only causes physical discomfort it also causes mental stress which often aggravates the already painful condition. Over the years physicians have tried various methods to treat and relieve suffering patients of constipation permanently. The latest treatment of constipation is holistic healing which promises to relieve the suffering individual of constipation permanently.

Holistic healing of constipation does not involve short term reliefs or quick fixes as provided by drugs but it involves understanding the condition and the reasons of constipation. Hence holistic healing is aimed at treating the imbalance in the body that causes constipation. Holistic ways to cure constipation forever requires understanding of the causes of constipation in the concerned individual and then rectify the cause to treat constipation.

Though holistic healing might seem very effective and most importantly natural in the beginning the biggest disadvantage of holistic healing is that it requires a lot of time and patience for the results to show. Holistic healers should also have experience to correctly diagnose the causes and treat the condition. For individuals suffering from fecal impaction holistic healing does not provide immediate relief as it is a prolonged process and such individuals require immediate relief to prevent aggravation of the condition.

Holistic way to cure constipation forever involves the understanding of the mind and body interplay to treat constipation. Hence the treatment involves reducing the stress levels of the patient to effectively treat constipation. Stress in individuals is caused due to a variety of reasons from depression, office related problems, and financial problems, etc. Hence it is imperative that the a holistic healer first understands the personality and psychology of the patient before beginning the treatment. This process is not only long drawn it can have side effects especially if the patient is not willing to share private details of his/her life with the holistic healer.

Holistic healing also involves treating constipation with the best known natural cures. Holistic healing hence suggests changes in a sedentary lifestyle along with changes in the diet. Inclusion of fibers in the diet is the most commonly used natural cure for constipation and is also highly recommended by holistic healing. A daily intake of 25-30 grams of fiber is recommended to individuals suffering from constipation.

Fibers might seem like a natural cure but they come with their own side effects. Sudden increases in fiber intake cause bloating, gassiness, skin itching and rashes. In extreme cases prolonged intake of fibers also causes intestinal blockage. Similarly holistic healing also suggests regular intake of roughages like flax and sesame seeds. Roughages are natural and effective for short term relief from constipation. Prolonged intake of roughages also causes flatulence which leads to several gastrointestinal problems. Roughages are also known to cause severe indigestion and interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract which causes weakness and fatigue.

Holistic way to cure constipation forever also involves the practice of lubricating the intestines naturally with consumption of vegetables oils like olive oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc. Adding oils which are natural laxatives to your foods like salads can relieve constipation occasionally. Increased intake of vegetable oils over a long time period can not only increase your cholesterol levels due to fat buildup in your arteries and veins it can also lead to heart related problems.

Honey and molasses are popular natural remedies suggested by holistic healers to cure constipation permanently. Natural but effective for only occasional constipation, prolonged usage of honey and molasses causes increased blood sugar levels often leading to diabetes due to increased calorie intake. Hence this treatment should be strictly avoided by diabetics.

Having a hot cup of coffee every morning is another popular holistic remedy for constipation. Having a cup of coffee early in the morning might seem to bring two benefits: it refreshes you and improves your bowel movements. But prolonged intake of coffee has the maximum number of side effects. Coffee is actually caffeine which increases blood pressure levels which leads to heart diseases. Coffee also stimulates the body thereby increasing heart rate and basal metabolic rate. Ingesting coffee on an empty stomach is the main cause of stomach ulcers, rashes, heart burn and nausea.

Yoga and aerobic exercises are other popular holistic remedies for constipation. A controlled study conducted by the University of California, Irvine has confirmed that exercises or yoga does not have any impact on bowel movements. Yoga and exercises were found to have only limited impact on individuals suffering from idiopathic constipation and remained ineffective on the rest of the study subjects.

Similarly the popular Biofeedback is also limited in its effects. It is not only expensive it also does not provide guaranteed results supported by any evidence to relieve the suffering individuals from constipation. Biofeedback consists of exercises that help in colon cleansing. The exercises promise to cleanse the colon naturally but the American Cancer Society along with other medical associations has spoken out against such claims and the efficacy of such colon cleansing exercises.

The inclusion of beans in regular food intake is highly recommended by holistic healing. Beans are rich sources of protein and fiber. Beans,though effective in relieving occasional constipation, are known to interfere with medications for diabetes and cause sudden drops in blood sugar levels leading to hypoglycemia. 

Holistic Constipation Cure That Guarantees To Works


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