Guaranteed Cure For Serious Constipation

Guaranteed cure for serious constipation are easier to come by than you might think. For starters, let’s back up and talk about just what constipation is. In a nutshell, constipation is a medical condition whereby your bowel movements are just not regular or when your bowels are just not totally emptied by way of the regular elimination of waste. This medical condition is actually one of the most frequent gastrointestinal issues endured by adults as well as children in the U.S. and even in the rest of the world.

Before you can find a guaranteed cure for serious constipation, you have to back up a little bit and learn how to recognize constipation if it presents itself in your bowels. This means that you have to know what the symptoms of constipation are and then learn how to identify them. If your bowel movements begin to be irregular, then you can begin to suspect that you have constipation.

If your bowel movements, when you do have them, come out as fecal matter that is hard and even hurtful to eliminate, that is another good sign that you have constipation. If you are enduring what is known as chronic constipation, you may just have breath that is foul as well as white matter that is coating your tongue. This is especially applicable if you wake up in the morning.

The remaining symptoms of constipation can also include dizziness, acidity, varicose veins, a feeling of an abdomen that is too full, stomach aches, acne, insomnia, circles under the eye, depression, nausea, headache and loss of appetite.

A guaranteed cure for serious constipation is best pursued when it is all-natural instead of based on pharmaceutical drugs. You would be surprised how you can get rid of your bout with serious constipation. You might not even realize how simple and straightforward it is to do so.

For example, a guaranteed cure for serious constipation is just to drink more water—seriously! The reason that drinking more water can help to cure your bout of serious constipation is becausedehydration is actually a main cause behind constipation in the first place. If your body is dehydrated, it will go on to soak up all of the moisture from the waste that is still left behind in your intestine. As a result, your stool will be difficult to pass, tough to move and feel hard, which is the definition of constipation.

It would be a good idea, if you follow this piece of advice about drinking more water to handle your bout of serious constipation, for you to start drinking more than just 8 glasses of water a day. If you do not want to do this but still want to cure your serious bout of constipation, you can also rely on drinking clear vegetable soups and also unsweetened vegetable and fruit juices.

Another guaranteed cure for serious constipation is consuming a lot more fiber than you currently are. Fiber is basically the part of your food that you consume that cannot be digested by your system. Fiber, though, can only be located in fruits, plant foods, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. There are two types of fiber: water insoluble as well as insoluble fiber. Both of these fibers are integral to helping you get cured from your bout with constipation. Soluble fiber is known to slow down the rate of digestion in order to help in the absorption of nutrients from the foods eaten, whereas insoluble fiber is known for giving bulk to waste products (read: excrement), so that they are capable of traveling through your colon in an easy and efficient way.

When you choose foods that are rich in fiber, you want to make sure that you choose the foods that are best. So if you are having trouble with constipation, you will want to eat more of fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables, first of all, add more bulk to your food, but they also feature certain enzymes that help your digestive system in working more efficiently. Some foods are known for stimulating good colonic bacteria’s growth to help in more efficient digestion. These are foods like berries, grapes, oranges, figs, beans, carrots, peas, broccoli, pears and apples.

Exercise, too, can help you find a guaranteed cure for serious constipation. Not many people know that there is a link between exercise and your bowels and constipation (or stopping it). The fact of the matter is that being sedentary (not moving around enough) can be a main reason that someone gets constipation. However, if you exercise more frequently and constantly, you can rid yourself of the problems with constipation. The reason behind this has to do with the fact that more exercise actually aids in making your food travel through your colon more efficiently.

Now, when your food moves through your colon with faster speed, it leads to less water that is absorbed from your stool, which in turn means that your defecation will be softer and, thus, easier to pass. Sometimes, people can find exercise hard, which is why so many people would rather sit on the couch and watch TV instead of getting up, going out and enjoying some health-boosting physical exercise.

If you do find exercising regularly difficult, then it is suggested that you start very small, just with the basics. For instance, you could just add one half-hour per day of walking into your lifestyle, and you should see the stunning results thereafter. If you find a half-hour walking session still too intensive, then you can even try dividing the half-hour into 3 10-minute walking sessions to make it a bit easier on you.

Based on the aforementioned, it is easy to see that there is a guaranteed cure for serious constipation that does not involve the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs. It all depends on what you think you can handle. The point to remember is that getting rid of your serious constipation can be easily achieved simply through all-natural approaches.

For example, if you do something as easy as drinking more water, that can have tremendous results as far as your constipation goes. Or, if you simply increase the intake of your fiber, both insoluble fiber as well as soluble fiber, you can expect to have an easier time with your constipation. Even something as small as doing daily exercise is recommended because it can help you out meaningfully with your constipation problems. Constipation is a serious issue, but you have to keep in mind that you can help yourself without any pharmaceutical drugs.

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