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Defecation is the natural end to the digestion process hence many people live under the misconception that constipation prevents the removal of toxic wastes from the body hence causing toxic buildup. This is not exactly true. The human body has its own mechanisms to fight the bacteria levels inside the body although it's best to have bowel movements regularly to prevent any potential damage. Constipation is caused due to impaired bowel movement. Constipation occurs when the stool particles move very slowly inside the intestines. The slower the passage through the intestines the more water they lose resulting dry and hardened stools. Constipation hence causes not only physical pain but also mental stress.

There are many who have strong belief about the functions of their colons. Hence they expect bowel movements practically every day. If they miss a single bowel movement they start panicking and reaching for the over-the-counter treatments for constipation. An average adult should experience one bowel movements per day. Though you should start worrying if the bowel movements you experience is less than five times a week, do not panic. Stress aggravates the condition of constipation.

There are countless of people who are simply fed up with their constipation and hence begin experimenting with the common options to try to finally relief from constipation. These options include increased intake of fibers. Increased intake of fibers is something that almost everyone suggests to an individual suffering from constipation. Fibers are considered natural hence safe for prolonged usage. Natural fiber supplements like psyllium seed husks are very popular with people who want the safest option to finally relief from constipation.

Fibers work by increasing the bulk formation in the intestines to aid in defecation. The bulk formation might produce bowel movements practically every day but what many do not realize is the harm that they are causing to their intestines with significantly increased consumption of fibers. On an average and adult requires 10-15 grams of fibers every day to maintain regular bowel movements and healthy intestines. But physicians suggest increasing this intake to about 25-30 grams per day. Hence they suggest eating whole grains like brown rice, oats, quinoa, etc.

Whole grains are the richest sources of fibers and also the main cause for many gastrointestinal problems. As the bulk formation in the intestines increases the mucus released for the intestines also increases resulting in an increased tendency for constipation. Fibers also cause flatulence, nausea, skin itching and rashes. The more serious side effect of increased fiber intake is intestinal blockage.

Roughages are also popular option to finally relief from constipation. Roughages like flax seeds are recommended to provide relief from constipation. Roughages work in a way very similar to fibers and increase the bulk formation in the intestines to help in defecation but it can cause similar side effects as to significantly increased fiber intake.

Laxatives are very popular with people frustrated with constipation. Laxatives provide relief from constipation within an hour of ingestion. However many laxatives contain substances which are addictive and abuse of laxatives results in chronic constipation. Laxatives, especially saline laxatives contain chemicals that irritate the bowels to expel its contents. These chemicals are extremely harsh and cause damage to the intestinal walls and the intestinal flora. The natural flora present in the intestines helps in digestion and in keeping the levels of harmful bacteria within control.

If the flora is damaged it results in indigestion and a host of other gastrointestinal problems. The levels of harmful bacteria also increase making the body susceptible to infection. Hence it is the treatments of constipation that increase the levels of toxins in the body not constipation itself.

Constipation is a commonly occurring phenomenon these days due to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets. The onslaught of fast food has increased the risk of being constipated. Fast food is highly processed which causes constipation. Constipation also occurs due to suppression of the urge of defecating. Many people suppress the urge to defecate if there are no bathrooms available or due to very busy lifestyles and schedules hence such individuals will never be relieved of constipation with these commonplace solutions like fibers, laxatives and fluids.

Since it is believed that constipation is caused due to sedentary lifestyles, many start exercising regularly in the hope that they will be relieved of constipation. Exercises like yoga, jogging and biofeedback are very popular to treat constipation. However an independent study conducted by the University of California found that the effects of these exercises are very limited and that these exercises are effective only on a limited number of people. These exercises provide relief to only those people who are suffering from idiopathic constipation and remained largely ineffective on the others.

Yoga classes and biofeedback have become increasingly expensive in the last few years. These classes are just marketing gimmicks to exploit individuals suffering and frustrated with constipation. As these individuals became guinea pigs to physicians for many years only contributing to filling the doctor's revenue, they have now fallen prey to the false claims of these classes. Even the ‘specialized’ exercises which are said to massage the colon walls to produce bowel movement are ineffective. Instead they cause muscular damage if not done properly.

Probiotic drinks are another expensive solution to chronic constipation. Manufacturers of these drinks claim that the Probiotic drinks not only prevent infection from harmful bacteria like salmonella and E coli, they also help prevent constipation. Probiotic drinks are nothing but live microorganisms administered for a therapeutic effect hence they do nothing to relieve constipation except worsen it by disrupting the natural ecosystem of the bacteria in the intestines. Levels of harmful bacteria increase causing gastrointestinal problems and infections.

Fibers, laxatives, enemas, Probiotic drinks and exercises, all claim to provide the elusive relief from constipation. You might get relief initially but as time passes either the condition of constipation will worsen or the side effects of these simple and often natural solutions will overwhelm you into confusion wondering which specialist to consult. Problems related to the heart, respiratory system, kidney and muscles are common but dangerous side effects of these natural treatments hence think before you head to your nearest yoga center or pharmacy.

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