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Constipation is medically known as costiveness. Constipation is generally caused due to impaired bowel movements which are a result of sedentary lifestyles, erratic schedules and improper diet. An average adult should experience at least three bowel movements per week. The worry starts when the individual experiences less than three bowel movements per week. This condition is known as acute constipation. Experiencing less than one bowel movement per week is called chronic constipation. This condition is extremely painful and often results in rupturing of the colon walls due to pressurized defecation.

Chronic constipation if left untreated leads to fecal impaction. In this condition the stool hardens in the rectum preventing further defecation. This condition requires immediate medical attention especially when the constipation is accompanied by bleeding, vomiting and severe abdominal cramps. The physical pain and mental stress caused by constipation leaves many suffering individuals frustrated since there appears to be no permanent solution for constipation.

There are shortcuts to treatment of constipation that do give hope to end constipation forever but the side effects of each treatment are plenty. The most commonly suggested cure for constipation is drinking plenty of fluids and including fibers in the diet. Consuming plenty of fluids allows the stool to soften in the colon thus helping in easier defecation. But research has proved otherwise. In an independent study conducted by the University of California, researchers found that fact is contrary to the popular belief.

Individuals who drink more then 10-12 glasses of water and other fluids everyday were prone to and may suffer from constipation just like those individuals whose fluid intake was comparatively normal. The increased intake of fluids has little or no impact on constipation instead it only causes a loss of vital nutrients through increased urination.

Fibers likewise are said to be effective cures of constipation. Bulk forming fibers are said to help in easy passage of the stool particles in the intestines, the colon and finally in the rectum. But to end constipation forever fibers are least of all you should increase in your diet. Increased intake of fiber not only causes flatulence and severe indigestion, in extreme cases it also leads to intestinal blockage. Roughages similarly cause indigestion and also interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract subsequently causing weakness in the individual.

Nowadays surgery has become a sought after treatment to end constipation forever. Surgery involves removal of the colon and attaching the remaining rectum directly to the small intestines. This might seem like an effective way of curing constipation permanently butnot only is surgery painful, in case post-surgery constipation does occur and you cannot exert pressure for defecation.
Laxatives provide easy over-the-counter solution for constipation. There are many laxatives which are claimed to be manufactured with natural products hence can be safely used over longer durations. The truth is however otherwise. Laxatives especially saline laxative consist of high percentage of sodium which in extreme cases leads to kidney failure. Saline laxatives with initial use cause swelling of the abdomen with severe cramps. Saline laxatives are also known to interfere with the blood pressure medications to cause dizziness, nausea and headaches.

Prolonged usage of any laxative causes respiratory troubles, hallucinations, giant hives, rashes, difficulty in swallowing, numbness and seizures. Laxatives work by lubricating the colon walls or by irritating the colon walls to defecate its contents. Laxatives however do not soften the stool particles and rupturing of colon walls takes place during defecation causing bleeding. Laxatives also cause severe indigestion and dehydration. Most of the laxatives with prolonged usage cause the potassium levels to deplete in the body while disturbing the urinary flow and emission of sodium.

Similarly enemas are also popular treatments to end constipation forever. Enemas are fasting acting treatments and often provide relief within 15 minutes to an hour of administering it. Enemas are considered effective especially on individuals suffering from fecal impaction. Though enemas provide immediate relief prolonged usage of enemas does not end constipation forever. Instead, enema may just worsens the condition by causing chronic constipation. Enemas require an experienced person to be administered. If the enema is not administered properly it can rupture and damage the colon walls.

Hence pregnant women and children are definitely NOT recommended to use laxatives or enemas under any circumstances to treat even occasional constipation.

Psyllium husk fiber is another common natural cure to end constipation forever. Psyllium husk works by increasing the water content in your stool particles which makes the stool softer for easier defecation. Since it is natural the common misconception is that psyllium husk fiber can be consumed regularly for longer durations without any side effects. But psyllium husk fiber has serious side effects apart from the minor ones of causing flatulence, indigestion and acidity.

Prolonged usage of psyllium husk fiber causes difficulty in breathing along with chest pains and nausea. Psyllium husk fiber was also found to cause dizziness, numbness, rectal bleeding and skin itching in some individuals. Psyllium husk fiber also causes severe allergic reaction in some individuals resulting in migraines and appearance of giant hives. Hence use of psyllium husk fiber is not recommended to children below seven years of age and pregnant women. Use of psyllium husk fiber is also not recommended to individuals suffering from diabetes, stomach problems and blockages in the intestine.

Colon cleansing is also growing in popularity to end constipation forever. Yet there is absolutely no evidence to support the efficacy of the colon cleansers sold in the market. Colon cleansing involves colon irrigation with a variety of chemicals which is followed by inserting a tube into the colon to flush it with water. Colon cleansing was found to have little or no impact on constipation and instead was found tocause bloating, severe abdominal cramps, electrolyte imbalance in the body, vomiting and in extreme cases kidney failure.

Although constipation is not a major disease it has become a commonly occurring phenomenon due to stressful lifestyles coupled with erratic schedules. Constipation hence should be treated correctly and timely to avoid side effects of the medication and of the condition itself like fissure, infections and a weakened immune system.

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