How To Cure Constipation Naturally

Constipation is a condition that refers to the inability or difficulty to pass bowel movements. In some cases, it can lead to other problems, such as hemorrhoids, which are sores in the anal region that can be quite painful and even bleed.

Often when going to the bathroom is painful, constipation of some sort is the issue. If constipation is severe enough, it can even lead to obstruction, which is a very serious condition. Bowel obstruction, also called ‘fecal impaction’ is when a bowel movement actually gets stuck inside you, and becomes hard, preventing anything else from coming through.

This can essentially poison you from the inside. Even if you eventually are able to pass hard fecal matter, it can be pretty painful since you’re passing something that hard through soft parts of your body.

Constipation isn’t a disease in and of itself, however, it’s a symptom that can be caused by a wide range of other things. Constipation is divided into conditions where you colon passes food too slowly, or conditions where the exit point is blocked.

Food passing through your colon too slow can be caused by all sorts of problems. These include having a poor diet without enough fiber, heavy metal poisoning, hormones, or even the side effects of various medications.

Cures for Constipation

There are many different cures for constipation. There are medicinal cures like laxatives, for example. In extreme cases, especially if you’re impacted, they might even suggest surgery. An easy way to fix constipation in the long term is through dietary changes.

Slowly adding more fiber to your diet can have dramatic effects on constipation, for example. This essentially provides a way to clean out your digestive system, providing denser material that aids in digestion and evacuation.

It’s important to make sure that you increase your intake of fiber slowly until you get up to the right amount. Generally, women will need around 30 grams of fiber per day, whereas large men will need closer to 40. If you get less than this amount, it could be a partial cause for constipation.

It’s important to remember thatconstipation is merely a symptom, it doesn’t cause anything and it’s not a disease in itself. It’s similar to ideas such as ‘pain’ or ‘inflammation’ and a lot of different conditions can cause the problem.

Therefore, you need to figure out what’s causing the particular bout of constipation that you happen to have in order to come up with cures for constipation. The condition is common enough that you could get the problem a few different times for a few different reasons.

It’s even possible that you have constipation from multiple causes. That is, there are multiple things causing constipation and you’ll need to get rid of each cause before the condition goes away.

This means that if the condition of constipation is giving you trouble for an extended period of time, the first step in curing constipation can be to visit your doctor. They will be able to tell you the likely causes based on the information that you tell them the best.


In cases where you’re having problems for an extended period of time with constipation, you can use an enema to wash out your internal systems and make the passage of material through your bowels quicker and easier.

General Constipation Cures

One of the constipation cures that can help a lot is simply drinking water. Water is a natural cleaning agent and drinking at least 8 cups per day can go a long way to resetting your system and flushing it of any toxic materials that could be clogging it up. If you have a serious condition water may not cure it, but in many situations, simply drinking water can help the condition.

Dehydration can lead to a lot of problems in the body, including contributing to constipation issues. This is a simple first step you can take as a cure for constipation even before you know the exact cause. If the cause is minor enough, drinking water can go a long way to help getting you through the condition.


There are many different laxative medications you can use as well. Many of these are available at local pharmacies over the counter. In some cases, you can get laxatives that work in a variety of mediums. For example, some you can put as a tablet into water and drink it that way.

Some medications that help are good constipation cures are specifically targeted as well. There’s a condition that causes constipation because of anxiety or stress, and there is a medication that helps you deal with this condition directly.


Another thing that can often help with curing constipation is exercise. The human body is meant to move around. It functions much better when it’s in motion. The way the body works in many cases is dependent on exercise, and this can include digestion and the functioning of bowel movements. Your body will pass things more effectively when you exercise, and this is independent over all of the other benefits of exercise such as increased energy and mental benefits.

Constipation can certainly put you in a bad mood, as well. This is partly for obvious reasons, but also because of worry associated with whether your body is functioning properly. Exercise can help you feel better about that as well, since you’ll know that you're making your body function better just by moving it around and letting it do what bodies are supposed to do.

Physical Means

If the case is extreme enough, problems with constipation, specifically with being impacted, can be fixed through physical means, though they should generally be done by a doctor. Blocking materials can be physically removed by means of sterilized instruments, which could save the need for surgery, for example.


There are plenty of supplements that can help with constipation as well. Common painkillers that reduce swelling, such as medications you would use for other conditions like headaches, can help with constipation if swelling is a factor. In some cases, antidepressants can help as well.

Diuretic drugs can also help with constipation in the right circumstances.

General Treatment For Constipation

Constipation can be a serious problem.Curing constipation should be a priority when it happens, since you never know what the exact cause might be and in many cases, it could end up being a serious condition that you really should take a look at to make sure you’re OK.

It’s possible that a symptom like constipation could alert you to a more serious condition that could end up saving your life.

Those with muscle problems, such as atrophy from not being able to move around enough can also suffer from constipation and they will often need special medication and supplements to specifically help with their condition.

The root cause of constipation can be varied enough that not every possible cure will work in all cases. This is why finding the root cause is so important, because you hardly want to spend time, effort, and money on a cure that won’t work because of the particular root cause for constipation that you happen to have.

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